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[05 Sep 2004|08:20pm]
time for a change... so my new lj is unfrgtndrems  so add me ok!! i'll add ya'll i promise..
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[31 Aug 2004|02:55pm]
Sad news.. summers like over.. :( and school is on thursday :(
though nikki u wanna go! and r like happy to c whose in ur class.. yea i think thats the only reason to go.. and plus all of us can c eachother!! more of us at least.. even though we r soo ffing awsome! it b cool to have the rest of us around to.. like megan.. o megan where r u.. better b hangin wit us and not the teachers this year!!!

blop blop blop.. yea i seriously have no work and no chorse today so im bored outta my mind until people get off work.. ahhh...ahh..

i think i should clean my car.. yea! it needs it plus it just needs to b washed! drr!!
New Rule For Me Car: U been food and trash into me car.. u make sure when u get out u throw it away.. i dont wanna spend my time takin ur trash outta me car.. owtay! thats good!!

Ok im done now.. drrrdrrr
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[29 Aug 2004|07:08pm]
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[18 Aug 2004|04:08pm]
[ mood | awake ]

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[18 Aug 2004|04:05pm]

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back!! sorta [12 Aug 2004|06:06pm]
well im back from the dells but im still not back in madtown...

im sittin here wantin to go lye on the bed next to me and just ffing fall asleep.. im beat man.. i could fall asleep at the computer if i seriously wanted to.. i think ima gonna take sum pic's wit the digital camera first.. but of what i cant remember

i HAD SOOO MUCH FUN the past 3 days!!! omg it was a blast!!! though we didnt get much sleep thats totaly ok!! really is!! hahah!! hahah!!! My tattoo!!! is awsome i luv it soo much!!!

i cant really stay awake i seriously might go to bed right now.. but i'll just update later and go chill and eat sum dinner!!!!

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haha [07 Aug 2004|03:53pm]
got a new dvd player today cuz the sis took ours.. god damn it all.. but tis brand new.. hahaha..

i have to wait for me mom to come home so i can go shoppin.. and im not gettin all my money cause they want me to pay for the dells.. mother ffers.. i cant believe it.. its a b-day thingy and they wont pay.. god god god.. grrrrrrrrr
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Movie Night [30 Jul 2004|08:11pm]
today i helpd move my sis into her apartment then went to work.. then went back to her place to eat sum dinner.. got to like meet Kevin finally.. but i've already met Mike and Bob and of course Adam the bf.. comes and takes my pop.. :-/.. neways

tonight im gonna go get freaked out wit derek and nikki.. god my and derek both get freaked out at scary movies.. oh yea we are seeing The Village..
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[24 Jul 2004|12:24pm]
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...music.. what? huh? oo wait.. i gets it now [23 Jul 2004|10:30am]
[ mood | Numb...y cant they have perky ]

this week turned out bad wit a major headache that i wanted to kill.. but two days witout the cell on help wonders.. dude does this mean my cell is bad... umm wait no i think it involves sela callin 5 times a day.. we talk like for an hour eachtime and she talks bout the same things.. umm ok..

yesterday i went to the mallards game.. i picked up everyone.. nikki aubrey and jay.. it was fun.. we got there just as the game started and couldnt find parkin 0 and theres was this huge ass line and they were sold out of gerenal so this old lady started talkin to us bout joinin wit them.. haha.. hahaha.. weird but totaly nice.. i didnt have to pay.. gante and derek were gonna come but they showed late and called sayin that they were totaly sold out.. umm yea told u that they would be.. so after the game we went to dereks.. and had sum laughs.. derek kept hittin me.. umm thanx.. just laugh while ur doin it to.. me not laughin.. so me derek and gante were like havin this free for all hittin fest.. but we werent like punchin.. just like lightly hittin.. but w/e..
then i took everyone home.. made it home just as my mom drove past me.. umm yea.. it turns out my sis locked herself outta her car.. hahaha... ok so it was funny since i've done that..
o yea i also made it home on my nothin of gas.. i was dead on empty and still managed to get the gas station this mornin.. lol..

today... hmm well see how it goes..

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last of all things [20 Jul 2004|10:13pm]
[ mood | ... just kill me ]

tonight is the last night for awhile that i will be on here.. aim.. or my cell phone.. my headaches wont stop again and they are gettin worse.. so im gonna cut myself of from the world for a least the rest of the week.. i hate my life.. ffing headaches..

good news is my ankle stopped hurtin.. stora.. still cant really turn it.. but no big..


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it starts wit a S [19 Jul 2004|11:06pm]
[ mood | ...haha ]

stupidity has gotten the best of me.. o yes.. sprainin my ankle on friday and deciding to have fun neways and not give a shit by walkin on it... didnt realize it would cause my trouble.. damn damn ankle.. i only realized during bowlin and while i was drive that it hurt super ffing bad.. i went home on time b/c of it.. omg this ffing sux..

my lovly qoute..
a kid that does stupid and wild things is a kid that has lots of fun, wild memories and scars from the stupidity

i forsure have the scars.. memories and well the fun come on it soo was..
it was passed down from my dad cause well lets face it my mom is super girly.. she thinks burpin is super grose when its only natural.. umm ok.. i get one her "looks" everytime i burp and dont say excuse me.. yep aint that cool... yea der if she hasnt noticed im nothin like her and im not girly in the least bit.. der..

is it friday yet... i just hope its not the 24th cause we are makin cookies and havin x-mas in july.. umm do i look like i wanna make cookies right now.. umm no but i'll eat them for sure.. o and my dads cuz is havin a cook out and im forced to go.. noo noo i heard my mom sayin its this weekend.. maybe i can fake an injury cause id wanna go to a family thing and see Kayla.. she's like attached to me... its kinda weird.. but w/e

is summer school over yet... umm omg one week left.. hahahahahaha

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sunday [18 Jul 2004|11:12pm]
ok so today is sunday day before school... ugh.. but its ok cause it's almost over..
neways today i went to a movie wit Loren!! he is soo awsome!!! i luv u loren!! we saw spiderman 2 it was good.. i mean like good.. there was this once part where sum people were laughin and i didnt get it.. i dont think loren did either.. cause i think he said.. y was that funny.. but idk.. im deaf cant hear a thing... i feel bad when i ask people to keep repeatin themselves..

after that i went bowlin.. got lovly calls to pick mostly everyone up.. cept 2 people cause of yea there was no room left.. geez.. yea sure i can drive everyone.. village lanes desided to not be open so we tried dream lanes.. umm not open soo we went to bowlavard.. they were open.. we saw kyle and travis.. i havent seen them in along time.. but w/e.. i got this huge headache and then my spraind ankle was hurting like a bitch.. it hurt to drive but i didnt mind crusin the wash.. so we did then loren called.. so i talked to him.. i couldnt hear him cause nikki and aubrey and drew were beenin super loud.. so i said shut up.. i felt soo bad but i couldnt hear loren.. so i took them home and then drew and i got home on time.. haha.. no looks tonight.. haha

tomorrow is school.. noo... noo.. my mom is makin me go even though i cant ffing walk... tear.. it hurts soo soo ffing bad right now.. god i feel like a big ffing baby.. *tear*
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its a bird.. its a plane... its.. [15 Jul 2004|10:57pm]
Ok so i havent updated in a while.. go figure..

neways i get 100 dolla tomorrow to go shoppin on state street!! hehe!! then i might go to King Arthur wit the boys!! they awsomness!!

today isela took my and gante to breakfast at mcyd's.. i found money in the car so i paid for mine.. but neways we had a great conversation.. me and gante were in me car and i could smell is calone
me- do u smell that
gante- smell what
me- that like calone or sumthin
gante- o0o its me.. its axe
me- it sounded like u said ass.. lol..
gante- no axe.. u know from that commerical
me- omg gante i soo want u!! ;) lmao
gante- i know u do!! ;)

i had a bf the entire week!! hehe!! stephen is soo awsome.. but he left on vaca so we cut things short.. but a week is better then nothin!! i felt special!! we had fun!! now for a weekend w/o a bf im sure i can handle!! i know nikki i didnt tell u.. dont hate me for not sharin :-/

soo i talked to marc today he says we should chill tomorrow.. umm ok w/e..

i miss u.. who ever u r.. o yea ur greta and carly.. i miss u two!!
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[14 Jul 2004|01:09pm]
ToysCollapse )

I had lots of fun on my trip!!! loads!!
neways i came back a day early so i could spend the day wit Nikki, Aubrey and Drew.. mostly at the mall then we went to see the notebook!! hehe!! loved the part where drew was like "i cant believe im seeing this movie" lol!!!
monday-wednesday i had to work.. i got off early today so i could go to the pool but now were not goin.. :( but thats ok i kinda didnt get paid yet...
on friday my mom is givin my 100 dolla if i dust the entire house and sumthin else.. but all that has to be done so i can get the money and i can go shop on state street... i guess they are havin a sale.. nikki.. do u and aubrey wanna come??
i talked to derek.. he's finally doin better.. he was in the hospital for 4 days.. poor thing.. but he's finally able to eat.. thats good.. but him and his girl are havin thoughts about how its gonna work and all... and he's askin me for advice.. umm yea idk.. i never had to deal wit that before.. sorry

ok im done now.. byez
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[09 Jul 2004|09:34pm]

^^^^^ that my friends is what u call a "Marshmellow Gun"... ^^^^^

the concept is the same as a spit ball cept u have a gun for marshmellows and u do the exact same thing.. its soo awsome..

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IOLA [08 Jul 2004|11:29am]
ok about IOLA... im gonna take sum pic's.. so u can what they really have there.. and im gonna take a pic of every car im gonna test drive..hehe... so i wont be left out of the loup.. my sis has our digital camera so im gonna borrow my grams... just to tell ya it has issues and doesnt like to stay charged.. ffer.. neways.. oh yea im gonna do sumthin to my hair today.. hehe.. i'll show yaz laterz though..

i have to pack for my funness weekend at IOLA and my COTTAGE... hehe.. im still gonna buy those fireworks so its gonna be totaly awsome.. i'll save sum just in case i invite friends up for a weekend to guess relax and have fun.. maybe a lil partin.. stephen wants to come and he might being drinks.. hehe.. i luv stephen totaly awsome he is just wished i saw him more.. :( o well..

Next Year WE SHOULD GO CAMPIN!?!?!?!?!?!? like a big group and by then all of us should be able to have more then one person in the car.. even u nikki..

IOLA's TOMORROW.. i leave tonight my phone does have reception in iola but not very much at my cottage.. so call my cottage and ask for me.. its.... ###-###-####... like i would put it in here.. <-- call my cell and i will give it to yaz..
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wee wee!! [07 Jul 2004|11:25pm]
tonight i had shootin.. i waited for an hr for my mom.. she said she felt like being late.. thanks mucho..


IOLA ON FRIDAY... my dad says he might make so id have to go to school so we have a longer time at IOLA... hehe.. yes!!

neone want to come.. ud have to stay the night at my cottage though..its alots of fun... and u get to spend time wit me!!
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stuck [07 Jul 2004|03:39pm]
this is lame.. i cant drive the saturn newhere cause the starter went out.. damn it all.. now if i want to go newhere sumone has to drive me.. aww.. i have to like wait for tomorrow sumtime.. this makes me wonder how im gonna get to school... shit im screwed.. and i have a thing at 5 tomorrow in monona.. shitter..

today i got to do yard work.. and i didnt go to school yet again.. me and my friends sat in the parkin lot lightin things on fire.. yes it was fun!! my friend had random lighters in her car so she let me borrow this orange one since i cant find my gander mountian one which is really good for lightin fireworks wit.. i keep gettin burned.. grr.. my thumb hurts now.. ffing wind..

i was watchin The Order today.. it was good.. kinda weird in a way but i was finally gettin it.. and my sis came home early and ruined my fun.. she turned it off wit 15 min left.. crapper now idk how it ends and i forgots to look when its on next.. so she put The Shinning in... im really gettin sick of that movie.. its lame and stupid and im not big on scary shit i usually want sumone next to me in case i get scared which im sure i will...

oh yea almost forgot me and sela drove to walmart at 8:30 cause we were wastin time.. we saw like peoples we knew there.. we took her car cause mine was havin trouble startin.. ffing starter.. im gonna shoot it.. me dad is tryin to find a car place that has one we can buy so we can do it like tomorrow mornin.. or sumthin idk..

its cold.. kinda.. but doin the yardwork made it seem like it was ok.. kinda fair... no misquitoes.. yet.. crap now i jenx it.. oo well

derek has been talkin way more then he used to.. more like his life then nethin else.. like him cryin like a baby for example and his life wit the sickness and what the doctors did.. he usually dont share but now he is.. idk.. its different..
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[06 Jul 2004|09:58pm]
[ mood | .... ]

Have I been Rejected.....??

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